Depression and suicide among teenagers (Part 2)

What should I do if I suffer from depression?

If you are feeling sad and hopeless most of the time (and maybe some of the other feelings mentioned above) you must not feel scared or ashamed about it for depression can happen to anybody who is experiencing a lot of stress.

First of all you must be honest with yourself about your feelings and not deny your sadness and hopeless feelings. If you do not feel comfortable talking to your parents about your feelings, or if you don’t live with one of your parents or you don’t trust your parent you must find another caring, responsible adult that you can open up to (eg. a teacher, aunt, grandmother or minister at church). Be honest and tell that caring person how you truly feel. It is very important that you confide in a caring adult person about your feelings because depression can become more severe over time if it is not treated, it can take you further into a downward spiral where your thoughts can become irrational and you see no way out of your misery besides for ending your own life. The moment that you get the courage to talk to someone about your feelings the truth will set you free and you will start on your road of getting better and becoming a more confident, happy teenager.

Make that call today, talk to someone about your situation today! If you are suffering from depression you will feel hopeless (as if things will never improve) because that is what depression is, an emotional disease which makes you feel very sad and hopeless all the time. But even though you can’t feel it now, there is hope! You can get help and start to feel better within 10 days. Your adult helper-confidant can help you to get the best treatment that will change how you feel about your entire life. Not every child and teenager comes from a happy home. Not every child has loving supportive parents who make you feel safe and secure and loved. But even if your family is suffering hardship, or your parents are not happy or fighting a lot, there are still grown-up adults in your family or a friend’s family or at school who care about you and will help you to get the right medication and therapy to make you feel so much better. You have to reach out for help now! That is the only way that help will arrive and your life can change, when you speak up and don’t keep your depression a secret anymore. Once you made the choice to seek help, your whole life can change for the better. Make that choice for yourself today, you are a unique, precious child who deserves to be happy and enjoy life.

I am a psychologist who works with depressed children every day, children who come to me but who have given up on themselves and life. But once they start taking medication for depression and we start working on finding better ways to deal with their problems and stress together, they start to develop hope and begin to realize they are not alone in their situation anymore. Reinforcements and help have arrived. You have a wonderful promising future ahead of you, and if you don’t have love in your life right now you can still find love with other people who care in your future, just go ask for help from a caring adult today! Even if you don’t feel like it now, you do deserve happiness and joy in your life and the best is yet to come!

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