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Shaday Ebenezer Enterprise - Inligting

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shadi1Part of Radio Pulpit's CBI programme is Enterprise Development as Radio Pulpit is aware of the critical role of entrepreneurship in our Country. Our entrepreneurial projects are Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) compliant. We took hands with POPUP to identify a student who needed help with developing a business.  We decided to assist Shadi Motshoane in developing her baking enterprise.

Shadi Motshoane is a widowed mother of two sons who are both at university. One is studying to be a doctor and her other son is studying to be a teacher. Shadi started baking scones to supplement her income and to support her family, as she was only receiving R700 a month as her salary at that time. She could not pay for her sons' tertiary education or even pay her basic living costs. Her home was not fenced in and security was a problem. She feared for her and her children's safety.

Her whole life changed when Radio Pulpit offered a sponsorship to her to start her own business, Shaday Ebenezer Enterprises. Shadi received a fridge, freezer, industrial oven, microwave oven, food processor, laptop, printer and various baking utensils from Radio Pulpit. Radio Pulpit also paid for her insurance and electricity and assisted her in obtaining her driver's licence by paying for her learner's licence and driving lessons. Radio Pulpit also ordered baked goods from Shadi for various functions. She was not just thrown into deep water with her business, because Radio Pulpit also paid for a mentor to help Shadi to start her baking business.

Since her baking business took off, Shadi has been able to renovate her house, put up a fence around her property and have been able to pay for her children's education. She caters for various businesses in her community. Her life is full of joy and she can now dream about her future. dream is to expand Shaday Ebenezer Enterprises to include a Bed and Breakfast, where patrons can enjoy her wonderful baked goods when they stay over. Radio Pulpit opened a door to a whole new world and future for Shadi.



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