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Genesis 2:22 NIV 
2017-02-20Written by Bob and Debby Gass
Don't rush into a relationship
God made us with a core need for companionship. And because it's a feature of our design, we might be tempted to leap at the first person who offers us a relationship with them, whether they're the right person for us or not. We might feel under pressure from family or friends who ask when we're going to start dating or think about getting into a serious relationship. We might even put pressure on ourselves when others around us are in relationships, planning weddings, getting married, settling down. We might feel it's easier to be in an unhappy relationship than to be alone. Driven by the fear of being alone or of missing out, we might make decisions that end up hurting us. But it's impossible to make a good decision when we're motivated by those fears, so it's best to let God guide us. First, we need to ask if it's in His plan for us to have a boyfriend/girlfriend and get married, or if companionship for us means simply friendship. If it doesn't involve relationships and getting married, we can ask Him to help us be at peace with that, so we won't feel under pressure from others. If marriage is in His plan for us, He'll introduce us to the right person - just like He did for Adam (take a look at Genesis 2:18-22 for a reminder) - someone who fits where we are and where we're going. Either way, we just need to trust God and His timing, and try not to take things into our own hands (not easy, we know). But as our loving, heavenly Father, we can be confident that He knows what's best for us.
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