Radio Pulpit receives award as MTN Community Station of the Year

The Pulpit Media Group (PMG) is proud to announce that one of its member stations, Radio Pulpit 657 AM, has been announced as the MTN Community Station of the Year. Radio Pulpit did not only walk away with this prestigious award, but also received five other MTN category awards.

PMG and its members, including the radio stations - Radio Pulpit 657AM and 729AM Cape Pulpit - are the daily companion of listeners seeking Christian-based spiritual upliftment, inspired by Christian values. Both stations provide relevant, trustworthy and current Christian talk radio. According to Dr Lawrence Mc Crystal, Chairperson of PMG, the Pulpit Media Group aims to make a tangible difference in the lives of communities through compelling, morally uplifting content that is real and relevant and aims to restore family values and build a moral nation.

Radio Pulpit's focus on quality has resulted in the considerable number of wins this year, spanning from presenters' work that has been truly noteworthy to outreach and community projects.

From a community outreach perspective, MTN described the Leave your Mark campaign (national PMG and Radio Pulpit campaign aimed at community development) and Marikana project as noteworthy because of the difference it made in the lives of communities. Through the Marikana project the Station showed Marikana and Majakaneng that God cares for them and loves them. They were provided with, amongst other, food for one thousand families for a month and 2850 learners received shoes.  The Leave Your Mark campaign motivated listeners, communities and the public to show they care in any way possible - big or small - even taking someone a plate of food or giving a hug was enough. The main objective was to show God's love and care in a practical way.

Radio Pulpit received the following awards:

  1. Community Station of the Year
  2. Night-time show: Intimate Moments with Sipho Kaleni
  3. Day-time show: Masithete
  4. Community project: Leave Your Mark-Marikana
  5. Multi-channel promotion: Marikana
  6. Promotions Stunt/Event: Leave Your Mark

The four founding members of PMG are Radio Pulpit, 729AM Cape Pulpit, Christian Network Media (CNW Media) and United Christian Broadcasters Africa (UCB Africa).